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Whether you’re trying to look after your kids while the nanny is in charge, are worried a housekeeper or cleaning crew might be stealing, or just want to add some extra security to your home at night, nothing beats the versatility of a SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Clock.


Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock WiFi | 4K Video | Nanny Cam | Home Surveillance | Small Personal Security | Night Vision and Motion Detection | Wide 150° Viewing Angle

  • This dual hidden camera clock with Wi-Fi lets you capture and record video and access it via your smartphone, laptop, or PC.

  • The high-definition, wide-angle view offers full HD in 4K or 1080p with150° of coverage to capture bedrooms, living spaces, or offices.

  • Nearly invisible to the naked eye this hidden spy cam looks and acts just like an alarm clock with accurate time 24/7.

  • The infrared night vision captures movementand sends instant alerts to your smartphone and records video automatically.

  • Every camera alarm clock is backed by a full 1-year unlimited warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and reliable U.S. support.

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