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Recessed Low Voltage Cable Through Brush Wall Plate,,Easy to Mount Outlet,Cable Management Pass Through Wall Plate,Works Great with Audio/Vedio,HDMI,Home Theater and More,White(2 Pack)

Brand: TakME




Distribution Wall Plates & Connectors

About this item

  • This product has its own mounting wings,eliminate the need for a low voltage mounting bracket.

  • You can do seamless management of the low voltage cable you need to use.

  • Wall panels can be upright or inverted installation.

  • White fits your home.This cable access strap is white to coordinate with the existing color scheme of most homes.

  • Provide a year of quality protection.If you have any problems with the use of the process,please contact us,we will be free to your exchange and to help you.

Product description

Easy to use & Setup.
This product has its own mounting wings,eliminate the need for a low voltage mounting bracket.You can do seamless management of the low-voltage cable you need to use,and works perfect for all cable types.The wall plate can be upright or upside down installation.

Do not let the messy cables and wires affect the home's cleanliness
Using this wall plate with brush bristle,will make the cables organized,look better and more convenient to manage,but will not affect your quality of life,and still enjoy a top notch home theatre system or HDTV

Business,office,home,industrial buildings,the first choice.
This wall plate with brush bristle is works great with all cable types, so you can cleanly connect telephone,AV,HDMI,home theater, coax cables,speaker wires,network cables in business and office,they can perfectly carry out effective decoration coverage for you through the cable access port,so that the usual work, life more comfortable.

Fit with the decoration style.
This wall plate with brush bristle design is white,fit with the existing decoration color and decoration style,use at home or office will not cause obscurity, your gang cable plate will blend in perfectly.

Can effectively prevent dust.
The use of white bristles,direct wiring directly from the interior wall.And when you unplug the cable,the bristles will be a flexible dust cover that protects the dust from flowing into the inside wall.

Do not hesitate and wait,click“Add to Cart”,the new Recessed Low Voltage Cable through Brush Wall Plate will be sent to you as soon as possible to make your work or life more comfortable!

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