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  • "Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with Switch
  • Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with Switch
  • mooth mid-frequency presence rises for excellent voice projectionU
  • ltra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent soundE
  • xtremely high signal output lets your voice cut throughC
  • ardioid characteristic minimizes background noise and feedback"

Dynamic Vocal Microphone for Karaoke Speaker,Wired Handheld Mic with On and Of..

    • Premium Sound Quality - This handheld dynamic microphones offers cardioid pickup pattern, capturing your own output and filter out dozens of unwanted sounds, it is perfect for anyone that wants to record or perform live either indoor or outdoors.
    • Rugged and Comfortable - Made of environmentally friendly materials, this handheld microphone is solid,rugged and durable. It feels comfortable when you grap it in your hand. You will be glad to move freely as the attached cable is around 13ft long, no need to worry the loose of the connector or the length of the cable.
    • XLR TO 1/4” Cable Included - Allowing the wired microphone for karaoke to be directly plug in amplifier speaker or karaoke machine that has 1/4inch (6.35mm) mic in jack. The dynamic vocal microphone protected by two-tire PVC, and it’s thick enough for brilliant, transparent sound transmission with no loss. The corded microphone with around 13ft-long enough cable can be moved unimpeded so you can concentrate on nothing but the performance.
    • Easy to Operate - No battery required for operation,you can set up yourself in minutes. An external on/off switch on it for easy control of audio (Push up is ON, push down is OFF). When the microphone is not used, you can turn it OFF using the switch without unplugging the cable.
    • Optimal Speech Intelligibility - Such karaoke microphone system for adults, the vocal microphone wired delivers an low distortion for clean sound output, precise reproduction of speech and vocals with excellent intelligibility. The dynamic vocal microphone with cable is suitable for recreational activities, such as singing, karaoke, home party and performance, indoors or outdoors.
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