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Questions & Answers

  • Does this camera have a zoom function?
    The camera does not have a zoom function.
  • How do I set the time and date on my pen camera?
    If you want to change the date and time by yourself, the procedure is very simple. On your computer, plug in your pen camera. "A new Removable disc should appear. Now, with the "notepad" application of the same computer, create a file called "time.txt." Setting the TIME AND DATE is done by editing a text file named the time.txt .txt in the root directory of the device's memory card. Open the time.txt file in an editor like Notepad and set the proper date and time along with ‘Y’ or ‘N’ at the end. For example, if it is set 2022-02-26, 15:20:35 Y (to enable display on video files) or N (if you do not want the date and time stamp displayed on video files) -you will need to edit this data with the correct TIME and DATE. After saving the file, disconnect the video camera from the computer and turn it on.
  • How to view my Recordings and Photos?
    Unscrew the top of the Spy Cam Pen to expose the USB port. Connect the USB cable to the Spy Cam Pen and connect the other end to your computer. Wait for the Spy Cam Pen micro SD memory card device icon to appear on your computer desktop. (Or look at your computer’s removable drives for the SD card.) Double click on the icon/removable drive to open and download the video footage and photos onto your computer hard drive.
  • My files are unplayable.
    Some computers may not have software programs that will easily play your recordings. You need to download the most recent version of VLC Player. It can be downloaded for free at
  • What is the max storage capacity?
    The max micro SD card's memory capacity is up to 128 GB.
  • Do you have to use the SD card in order for it to work?
    Without the SD card the camera does not work.
  • How to charge it?
    Plug the USB cable into the pen’s camera USB port and plug the other end into your computer USB port. First-time Charge: 1-2 Hours! The RED light will flash slowly while charging. Once fully charged, the RED light will shift from a blinking light to a constant solid light. Disconnect the pen from your USB cable/port once the charge is complete.
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