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  • Specification:
  • Item Type: Expansion Board
  • Material: PCB
  • Model: N4D3E16
  • 1. Working Voltage: DC 6.5-30V (7.5V 9V 12V 15V 24V)
  • 2. Working Current: 8-50MA
  • 3. 16 channel isolated input ports (NPN is active at low level)
  • 4. 16 channel Darlington outputs (ULN2803 NPN output)
  • 5. 6 commands of open, close, instantaneous, self locking, interlocking and delay
  • 6. 16 channel input can remotely control the 16 channel output of another board through the RS485 bus (relevant registers need to be set)
  • 7. For RTU instruction, support 03 06 function codes (some registers support 16 function codes)
  • 8. Under the Delay command, the maximum delay is 255 seconds
  • 9. You can press Enter in the serial port super terminal (serial port assistant)
  • 10. Up to 64 devices can be connected in parallel
  • 11. The default baud rate is 9600BPS, and the baud rate can be selected by jumpers: 2400 4800 9600 19200BPS
  • Maximum Load: The maximum load current of each channel is 300MA
  • DIN Rail Box Parameters:
  • Model: UM72
  • Color: Green
  • Width: Suitable for PCB board width UM72 (Approx. 72mm / 2.8in)
  • Insulation Grade: Flame retardant VO grade
  • Backplane Length: Suitable for approx. 100mm / 3.9in PCB board
  • Installation Method: DIN35 and C45 rails

16 Input 16 Output Expansion Board RS485 16 Channel Remote Control Switch Module

    • 16 IN 16 OUT: PLC expansion board 16 channel input can remotely control 16 channels of output of another board via RS485 bus (relevant registers need to be set)
    • MULTIFUNCTION: 16 input 16 output expansion board has 6 commands, namely open, close, instantaneous, self locking, interlocking and delay, with strong functionality, can meet your uisng requirement
    • APPLICATION: 16 Channel RS485 module is widely used in PLC IO expansion board, smart home, home automation, PTC camera, security surveillance, identification system, network camera, LED light driver and automatic curtain control
    • EASY INSTALLATION: The power expansion module is small and compact, with mounting holes, DIN35 and C45 rail installation design, backplane length is suitable for about 100mm / 3.9in PCB board
    • SIMPLE WIRING: The 16 channel expansion board circuit has been repeatedly debugged, the PCB wiring is simple and there is little interference, convenient to use
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